Pennsylvania Nursing Home Administrator CEUs

17 courses
116 hours

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Course Title   Hours   Price      
What Every Administrator Should Know to be Successful in LTC ›   4.50*hours $40.50  Listen to Audio  Take Exam
Thinking for a Change ›   7.50hours $67.50  Get the Book  Take Exam
The Heart of a Leader ›   4.00hours $36.00  Get the Book  Take Exam
The Administrators Vision and Key to Success › FREE!   1.25*hours FREE  Listen to Audio  Take Exam
Talent is Never Enough ›   8.00hours $72.00  Get the Book  Take Exam
The Speed of Trust ›   9.00hours $81.00  Get the Book  Take Exam
Mastering the Art of Dementia Care ›   5.75*hours $51.75  Listen to Audio  Take Exam
Learning To Speak Alzheimer’s ›   8.50*hours $76.50  Get the Book  Take Exam
Integrity ›   3.50*hours $31.50  Get the Book  Take Exam
How to Win Friends and Influence People ›   6.75*hours $60.75  Get the Book  Take Exam
The Five Dysfunctions of a Team ›   6.75*hours $60.75  Get the Book  Take Exam
Execution ›   11.00hours $99.00  Get the Book  Take Exam
Ethics for Healthcare Professionals ›   9.00hours $81.00  Get the Book  Take Exam
Ethics 101 ›   3.75*hours $33.75  Get the Book  Take Exam
Don't Fire Them, Fire Them Up ›   10.00hours $90.00  Get the Book  Take Exam
Alzheimer’s Disease 300 Tips For Making Life Easier ›   8.00hours $72.00  Get the Book  Take Exam
101 Tough Conversations ›   9.00hours $81.00  Get the Book  Take Exam